We're here to help you get the education capital you need to pursue a successful career.

Talent IPO offers a holistic support solution to paying for school.  



ISAs reduce the financial risks associated with education. No accrued interest and payments are based on income.


An average students payout on our platform is less than a federal loan.


Students will be connected to and supported by investors who serve as a lifelong mentors.


Students are protected against excessive payouts by Payment Cap and Early Buyout provisions.



You've got questions. We're here to help.

What is an income share agreement?

An income share agreement (ISA) is a financial obligation in which a student receives funding for education-related expenses in exchange for paying an agreed-upon percentage of income over a set number of months. It is not a traditional loan and there is no principal balance or interest rate.

Which students are eligible to apply?

We are currently offering the Talent IPO pilot to full-time graduate students: those who are starting Year 1 or entering Year 2. Applications are open for students pursuing all career paths. Additional eligibility requirements include:

  • U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

  • 18 years or older at the time of contract execution

Who are my investors?

Talent IPO investors are successful alumni, ex-faculty, and university-affiliates of your school. They have large global networks and seek to make a meaningful impact on the next generation of leaders.

What are the risks to students?

If you earn significantly more than the salary projections, you may pay more, but never more than the payment cap. Conversely, should you earn less than your projections, you would pay less.

Are there any provisions to end the agreement early?

Yes! There is an Early Buyout option that would allow students to pay a multiple of the initial funding for the ISA.

Does an ISA affect my other financial aid?

The ISA will be treated the same as a private loan and will not impact any need-based financial aid.

How can students apply for an ISA or get more information?

To apply for our pilot or ask any specific questions, please email us at

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